Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rickey Henderson McFarlane Figure

Before all you super collectors started scouring the Internet, wondering how you could have missed this, don't worry, it doesn't exist! While I have seen quite a few "custom" McFarlane figures, of which individuals have painted Rickey on already produced figures, an actual figure was never released. But, until now, I didn't know how close one actually came to being put into production.

Thanks to Oakland A's Collectibles for the heads up on this one, as his post today definitely caught me by surprise! These images were posted on the Spawn.com message boards in 2003 as a teaser of what was to come. But, unfortunately, Rickey never found a home in MLB in 2004, so the figure was cancelled and never produced.

It's unknown is any packaged samples were produced, but at least this one production sample has to be out there somewhere! You can definitely see Rickey's likeness in the figure, which is more than you can say about the early Starting Lineup figures. It's even more evident when you look at the image below, which was a bit of recycling on the part of McFarlane.

I guess they didn't want the sculpture to go to waste, so they used Sammy Sosa as Rickey, and released the figure as a special 2-pack (along with Todd Helton) in 2004. So, if you were going to create your own custom Rickey McFarlane, you now know what to use as a base.

Mcfarlane does release an annual "Cooperstown Collection" every year, so now that Rickey has finally made it into the Hall, maybe some sort of agreement can be reached, and this figure can see the light of day after all.


Perry Andrews said...

very cool!

Hendersonfan said...

I've been waiting for one of these forever. I've seen the custom ones and actually have one, but I think it's actually Tejada. There is a site somewhere that will make one and package it, but I belive it's also a "clone".

Anonymous said...

IT'S BEING RELEASED! Or at least a Rickey figure is coming in 2011 as part of the Cooperstown Collection.

Read it on Spawn.com but having trouble finding the link at the moment. Hopefully that is the one coming out since it's SWEET!

ManOfSteal said...

You're correct, Rickey will have two different figures (A's and Yankees) in the next Cooperstown Collection series that should come out in early 2011. This was announced a month or so ago, but I was waiting until the prototype pictures were released before I wrote up a full post. Hopefully they will come out shortly!