Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rickey Henderson Items for Sale or Trade

As part of a much needed "Spring" cleaning, I've finally started to go through and collect all of my duplicate Rickey items, which I'm beginning to list below. My plan is to continue to update this as I uncover new items, so if you're interested, be sure to check back (although I can't guarantee how often this will actually be updated).

Although I'm always up for trading first, I've listed a price along with the item (not including shipping), in case anyone is just interested in buying. The list below includes mainly non-card memorabilia items, while a list of all of the Rickey Henderson cards that I have for trade/sale can be found here. For many of the items, I only have one available, so please don't hesitate to let me know if you see something that you like. If you're interested in anything on any of the lists (I'm definitely willing to work out a price on multiple items), or have any further questions, please send me an e-mail.

2009 Induction Weekend Program -- Commemorative Induction Ceremony Program given to all in attendance at the 2009 Hall of Fame induction. Includes numerous pictures and articles on Rickey, a must-have for any collector! -- $10

2009 Official Hall of Fame Cache -- This is the official cache sold by the Hall of Fame, and cancelled by the post office on the day of the 2009 induction. Note: the white circle in the upper right hand corner is on the plastic case and not the cache -- $40

2009 Hall of Fame "Induction News" -- Commemorative Hall of Fame brochure given out only during Induction Weekend. Cover and inside flap both include a picture of Rickey. Also contains a schedule of the weekend's events as well as short bios of the inductees -- $5

2009 Hall of Fame Postcard -- Official Hall of Fame postcard released the day of Rickey's induction -- $3

2009 Hall of Fame Induction Catalog -- Catalog filled with all of the Rickey items (sample page shown above) that were available to purchase during induction weekend, from bats and balls to pins and plaques -- $5

2009 Hall of Fame Museum Ticket -- Although Rickey is not pictured on the item, it is a unique collectible. The ticket is from July 25, 2009, the day before the induction ceremony, and Rickey's last day prior to becoming a Hall of Famer -- $20

2009 Hall of Fame Induction Day Card -- 8" x 10" card produced by PhotoFile to commemorate Rickey's induction -- $5

2009 Hall of Fame Guide -- Brochure mentions Rickey in "Inductee Row" section, and also includes a picture of Rickey & Jim Rice "Memories & Dreams" Magazine -- $3

2009 Hall of Fame Member Benefits brochure -- Includes picture of Rickey and Jim Rice "Memories & Dreams" magazine on inside flap -- $3

2009 Hall of Fame Membership $5 coupon -- Includes 2009 Induction logo, direct from Hall of Fame Shop, printed in color on regular paper -- $2

2009 Hall of Fame Weekend DVD pre-order slip -- Includes 2009 Induction logo, direct from Hall of Fame Shop, printed in B&W on regular paper -- $2

2009 "Upstate Life" Magazine -- Magazine includes a great cover image of Rickey, as well as a couple of short articles inside, including the full page picture of Rickey and Rice included above -- $10

2009 Autograph Signing Appearance sheet -- Day after induction, direct from Cooperstown, printed in B&W on regular paper -- $2

2009 Oakland Athletics Banner -- Stadium Giveaway on August 2, 2009 during "Rickey Weekend." Oversize cloth banner measures approximately 3' x 5' and comes in original unopened package -- $30

1990 Oakland Athletics Magazine -- A's Magazine featuring awesome cover art of the Man of Steal! The magazines spine and corners do show some wear (with a crease in the lower right corner), but it doesn't take away from the image. Includes a nice article about Rickey inside, as well as numerous pictures and advertisements in which he's included -- SOLD

2009 Rickey Henderson Field Dedication Program -- Given to attendees at the renaming of the Field of Dreams in Oakland to Rickey Henderson Field. The single-fold (one piece of paper folded in half) program is printed on a thick glossy paper. The inside of the program lists the speakers and acknowledgements, while the back includes a history of the field --$10

2009 Rickey Henderson Field Dedication Flyer -- This 8 1/2 x 11" flyer / poster was created for the dedication of Rickey Henderson Field in July 2009. Only a few of these were printed at the time (to be posted around the schools campus), and very few if any were actually saved (I've never seen an original). This is a reprint from the original source file (given to me by the guy who created it), printed on the same paper as the programs above -- $5

2009 Rickey Henderson Field Dedication Hat -- These hats were only sold during the dedication of Rickey Henderson Field in July 2009. After the ceremony, I purchased all of the remaining stock, and have never seen them for sale anywhere else. The hats featured an embroidered Rickey Henderson Field logo, and are adjustable to fit almost any size via a velcro strap on the back -- $20

1986 New York Yankees Pocket Schedule -- Yankees Magazine and Budweiser sponsor variations available -- $3

2009 Oakland A's Pocket Schedule -- Budweiser and Capitol Corridor sponsor variations are available -- $3

1999 Salvino Bammers 7th Inning Stretch Bear -- This beanie bear of Rickey Henderson with the New York Mets is brand new with tags -- $15

1988 Peter David Pin -- SOLD

1999 New York Mets Pocket Schedule -- Sponsored by Chase on the back -- $3

1984 Slurpee Ad Sheet -- Square cutout from full sheet measures approximately 2" x 2" -- $3

2009 R. Plate Postcard -- Two different postcards are available, 3,000 Hits and Yankees Legends, with Dimaggio, Ruth, and Mantle -- $5 each

1982 McWilliams Postcard -- This nice vintage postcard is numbered 82-118 -- SOLD

After looking over all of the oddball items above, don't forget to check out the complete list of Rickey Henderson cards that I have for trade/sale here.

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