Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Below is a list of links to all of my current want and trade lists, which I will attempt to keep as updated as possible.

Rickey Henderson Links:

Priority Want List - This is a selection of Rickey cards from 1977-2007 that I still need. It contains almost all of my want list through the 1990's, as well as selected cards from later years

Trade List - A list of all of the Rickey Henderson cards and collectibles that I currently have for trade

Pocket Schedule Links:

Oakland A's Have/Want List - List of all of the Oakland A's pocket schedules that I currently have, as well as those that I'm still trying to track down

Rickey Henderson Team List - I collect pocket schedules for all of the teams that Rickey Henderson played for, during the years that he played for them (ie 1987 Yankees, 2003 Dodgers, etc.) A list of all of Rickey's teams can be found here

Yankee Stadium Legacy:

Rickey Henderson Home Run Games - A list of the YSL cards featuring games in which Rickey hit a home run. At the bottom of the list is all of the YSL cards that I have for trade.


Anonymous said...

has anyone ever come across a signed base? please email me at matrim11@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

Yes I have a game used Oakland A's base signed by Rickey. I bought the base from the A's the year Rickey broke the stolen base record.

DC said...

I have a signed base my fater talked him into signing at a Supersow in Atlanta.

ManOfSteal said...

Congrats on the base, he doesn't sign those anymore, so they are definitely hard to come by!