Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Topps Superstar Stand-Ups

I want to start today's post by thanking the Cardboard Junkie for "pimpin' " my blog! I hope everyone who clicked over here from his site enjoys what they see.

In 1991, while Topps was celebrating "40 Years of Baseball," they produced a candy collectible called Superstar Stand-Ups. These plastic containers are still full of baseball-shaped candies, with the Topps logo on one side, and baseball-related sayings such as "Home Run" and "Strike Out" on the other.

Shown above are both the red and white version of the Rickey Stand-Up, which is number 19 in the set. I think there might also be a blue version in the set, but I'm not 100% sure. If anyone out there knows an answer, please let me know. The entire series contained 36 stars of the day, everyone from Jim Abbott to Robin Yount.


cheryll said...

We have some of these stand-ups and were looking for some info. If you know anything about them, such as availability value etc, could you let us know.

ManOfSteal said...


Most of what I know about these is in the post. I've heard that the red and blue versions are "common," while the clear ones are harder to find. If you happen to have a blue Rickey one, I'd be interested.

They are fun things to have for player collectors, but aren't really worth much monitarily. If you have one of a star player such as Nolan Ryan or Cal Ripken, they might sell for a few bucks on eBay.

cheryll said...

We do have both of those, but as for the blue red or clear, I'm uncertain. I will get back to you in a day or two and let you know