Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Inserts and Game-Used from February

Here's a few of my favorite Rickey additions from the past month or so.

I missed out on 2006 Triple Threads when it was released, so these are the first two that I've been able to pick up, they just happened to arrive in the same month. You can't beat a card with Rickey and Reggie!

The 2009 Triple Threads at the top helped "complete" the set for the year. I now have all three variations numbered to /36, /27, /18, and /9.

This one is obviously not a Rickey card, but is a nice oddball addition to the collection, as you can prominently see him celebrating on the front.

Another oddball card is this 1991 Tuff Stuff Jr. cut-out. Although it is on magazine stock, and not card stock, it does actually have a back to it, so it was meant to be cut out.

The multitude of 1990's Pacific parallels seem to be never-ending, so it's nice to cross a few off the list whenever possible. I used to despise these parallels, but they've actually started to grow on me.

We'll end with a couple of more recent cards, as although he's in the Hall of Fame, Rickey's cards just keep on coming. The first is from 2011 Topps, while the second is from 2010 Topps Sterling.


Nathan said...

When that topp60 set first came out I didn't really like it, but it's grown on me. And of course any card with Rickey in an A's uni, getting ready to run, is a great card.

Derek Hill said...

Nice pickups!

ManOfSteal said...

Nathan, I agree with you regarding the Topps 60's. I wasn't a big fan at first either, but now I kind of like them. Plus, as you mentioned, they'd be a lot harded to like if he was with the Yankees!

Thanks Derek!

phillihp23 said...
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phillihp23 said...

That Green Triple Thread Card is the BOMB!!

phillihp23 said...
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