Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2011 Gypsy Queen Original Art Patches

Topps' newest addition to their retro product line in 2011 included Topps Gypsy Queen, a sort of derivation of their popular Allen & Ginter product line.

The rarest cards in the set were the 50 player Original Art Patches. The hobby exclusive set consisted of original hand-drawn portraits along with game-used patches, all of which were one of ones.

I have yet to see the Rickey card surface (the redemption card is probably still sitting in a sealed case somewhere), so I contacted one of the artists in the set, Dave Hobrecht, hoping that he'd scanned the card prior to sending it back to Topps. Luckily for us, he had!

Here's a few of the other original art cards that Mr. Hobrecht created for the set. If you want your own Rickey, just let him know, as he does work on commission, and would probably love to recreate the Man of Steal.


Derek Hill said...

Thats awesome! Thanks for reaching out to him. Any idea how much of a commission he charges for a work of art?

ManOfSteal said...

Derek, I haven't inquired about commissions myself, but he does have a link on his website, and he should respond to any inquiries rather quickly.