Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rickey Will Sign Bras and Shell Casings, But Not Bases

Here's a great video from the recent TriStar National Sports Collectors Convention.  ESPN reporter Michele Steele asks Rickey about his dealing with the memorabilia industry over the years, which leads to the discussion of some of the weirder things that he has signed over the years (ie construction helmets, bras, and bullets). 

She also asks him why he won't sign bases, which is a questions that I am frequently asked as well.  Enjoy!


Fuji said...

The base story is pretty cool. If I was a famous athlete, I'd probably pick one specific item that I would only sign for family and friends... to keep it special.

But I'm not famous... so there goes that idea ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bet if offered enought or will change his mind later he will sign bases.

Angel17 said...

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