Monday, March 22, 2010

Trade with Thoughts and Sox

I received an an e-mail about a month of so from Thoughts and Sox regarding the Rickey Henderson Wal-Mart black parallel from 2010 Topps. Since it was one of the few 2010 Topps I'd yet to acquire, I was definitely interested. .

I'm incredibly behind on my posting, however, and since I noticed that he recently mentioned my return trade, I figured I should probably post the one that started it all.

If anyone happens to have the Target Throwback Oakland A's Franchise #137, I'm still missing that one, as well as the black parallel #/59.

Along with the Wal-Mart Rickey, there were a few other Rickey's as well, along with a bunch of other A's.

Young Reggie vs. old Reggie. I like young Reggie better, but I did actually get to see old Reggie play in Oakland.

Here's Rajai Davis doing his best Rickey impersonation. Rickey has been working a lot with Rajai during Spring Training, and claims that he'll be able to steal 80 bases this year. I hope he's right!

Some of my other favorite A's from the trade.

We'll end this with an awesome Rollie Fingers card. I love the look of this years Topps Tribute, especially the cards that don't have the players name on the front, and wish that Rickey had been included in the set. Plus, the photo features an Oakland Coliseum pre-Mount Davis, which is how I'd like it to be remembered.

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