Thursday, October 7, 2010

2002 Upper Deck Vintage Timeless Teams

Although I appreciate that Topps has included a multitude of different Rickey Henderson cards in the new 2010 Triple Threads release (50+ if you include 1:1's), it's nice to actually be able to acquire all of the cards in a release. The feeling of "completing" a set or year is one that I will always enjoy, and given all of the Rickey's in circulation, I'll always have something new to work on.

Rickey didn't have a base card in the 2002 Upper Deck Vintage release, but he did have two different quad relic cards that I could track down.

The first card is vintage 80's A's, featuring the likes of Canseco, Dave Parker, and Don Baylor. Not the most high-end of relics, but a fun combination, and one that I doubt you'll ever see again.

This second relic was the hardest to come across, and believe it or not, thanks to a badly worded eBay auction, was actually cheaper than the first! With Griffey, Gwynn, and Bonds, there's a lot of hits represented on this card. Although Bonds will probably never get in, you've already got two Hall of Famers represented, with a third (Griffey) just waiting for his turn. A fun card, from a fun set, with no parallels, prime, or autographed versions. There were only two Rickey cards in the set, and both are interesting additions to the collection.

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dirt the squirt said...

nice! i got my "timeless outfielders" card the same way - poor descriptionon ebay - $20 less than the A's one. great card. congrats.