Thursday, June 24, 2010

Game-Used Additions in Recent Months: Part I

Now that I have my new computer up and running (the old one blew up a few weeks ago), and have attached my new scanner as well, I'm ready to get caught up on the huge stack of cards that are sitting waiting to be displayed.

Although I've said this before, I'm going to attempt to use the new computer as a clean slate, to keep me caught up on my scans and posts. The computer is super fast, and the scanner is much easier and quicker than my old one.

To start, here's a few Rickey Henderson game-used cards that I've picked up recently, including a couple of pretty sweet Oakland A's patches, and an awesome dual patch card with Lou Brock. I started to add descriptions to the cards, but I think it took away from the images, so I've left them out. If anyone has a question about any particular card, don't hesitate to ask.

Stayed tuned for Part II of the game-used cards (In order to keep the look of the post as clean as possible, I've included all of the horizontally oriented cards in this post, with the vertical ones yet to come), as well as a post on inserts & parallels, as well as the couple of oddball cards I've recently added to the collection.


jimm said...

Awesome Rickey collection. Just found the stub from the only away A's game I ever attended (besides Giants), July 25 1982 @ Orioles. So I looked it up, 2 for 4 with SB #92, oh yeah!

ManOfSteal said...

I briefly thought about going to an A's / Yankees game in New York when I was there for the HOF induction last summer, but the timing just didn't work out.

Todd said...

I have found your site looking for info and think it's the best site out there for a card collector.
Although this site pertains only to Rickey Henderson, which is my most favorite player, this blog is like no other with all the information that no other site is able to produce.
Everyone here seems to be a true collector and sincere about the hobbie of card collecting.
I too have a some what collection of Rickey henderson cards and other collectibles.
I do have a question on a particular item and would like some help on finding out what they actually are.
When I bought these cards the dealer said they were a type of a postcard issued at a particular A's game, dated 1981.
Cards measure almost 4" in width & aprox 8" in height.
They each have a plain black and white 3x5 photo of the player, I have 6 different, R.Henderson, T.Armas, M.Norris, D.Murphy, C.Jones, S.McCatty.
Any help would be appreciated, since I cant find these anywhere.
Is there a way to get a photo attacthed?

ManOfSteal said...


Thanks for the compliments on the website, I definitely appreciate it! You can e-mail me (bnabbott at a picture of you postcards, and I'll see if I can help you out. Sorry about the delayed reply, I somehow missed the notification of your comment.