Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pepsi Max Commercial -- Rickey Wins Again!!

Although I'm a Coca-Cola guy myself, Rickey has always had a relationship with Pepsi, and has done quite a few promotions with them in the past. It has been awhile since he's done any work for them, but the new Pepsi Max commercial "Clubhouse in the Corn" more than makes up for the delay.

The commercial is set in a Field of Dreams-esque setting, starring CC Sabathia searching for the whispers he is hearing, which eventually lead him to a cornfield in Iowa filled with retired baseball stars.

You have Jim Thome spelling out his name to get an autograph from Babe Ruth autograph, Lou Pinella apologizing to an umpire, and Ozzie Smith doing a patented backflip.

Although I'm obviously biased, I think Rickey steals the show. The commercial features three different "Rickey's," in A's, Yankees and Mets jerseys. They are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors amongst themselves, when one exclaims, "Rickey Wins Again!" Classic!

The commercial also includes Carlton Fisk, Mike Schmidt, Rollie Fingers, Dennis Eckersley and Randy Johnson, among many others. I never thought I'd say this, but nice job Pepsi!


night owl said...

The commercial's great. Unfortunately, they'll air it so often that they'll kill it by October.

I'm a Coke guy, too.

Anonymous said...

That commercial is great. I'm biased, too - and also think Rickey steals the show. The Big Unit and the Wizard come in a tie for close second.

Sports Studio said...

Great post. Our company actually made the period specific jerseys for the piece.
Here is a link to our post about it, with pics of Rickey's jerseys.