Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Second Online Box Break

About two weeks ago I posted my first ever online box break, featuring one of three blasters that I got as an anniversary present from my wife.

I've finally put together the second blaster break, which was 2008 Topps Heritage. As with the first break, most of the cards are for trade, and if you see any that you need, just send me an e-mail! Links to all of my current want lists (although some are still in progress) can be found here.

The first "pack" that I opened was the little silver foil Target-exclusive pack, containing the T-405 mini cards, which are really great looking cards. I think I did pretty well, with the Pujols (slight damage to upper left corner), Buchholz, and A-Rod being some of the better cards in the set. I also pulled a Steve Pearce, who I'd never actually heard of before.

The first real pack I opened was one of the best, as far as base cards are concerned. Halladay and Pedro are both pretty solid, and the I-Rod and Austin Kearns are black-backed parallels. The best card of the pack, however, is the Cole Hamels all-star, which just looks cool, and is also a short-print.

This next pack was definitely a let down after the first. I got the regular Kearns this time, as well as a Bill Hall black-back.

I got my first (and only) Athletic in this pack (a Kotsay I already had), as well as another I-Rod. The Mauer card was a nice pull, as was the Pirates threesome. I really like the way they mimicked the original set with the production of these group cards. Finally, the Micah Owings is a short-print, and the Dan Giese is a black-back.

The next pack was fairly uneventful, with the Wheeler being a black-back. But, I really like the A-Rod Baseball Thrills card. The horizontal triptych is really appealing to me, even if it does feature a Yankee.

I like the look of the Cardinals team card, but find the addition of the brick wall a little odd. I think I read somewhere that this was to cover the batboys and other non-players, which would make sense, but still adds an interesting element to the card. The Ryan Howard is the second Baseball Thrills I've pulled (it's actually the black-back version), and I think I might like to collect them all, since I've already pulled two of the best. If anyone has any of the others to trade, please let me know. In case anyone cares, the Stetter rookie is also black-backed.

The second to last pack contained only six base cards, none of which were very memorable. But, why only six, instead of the usual eight...

This pack also contained a Travis Hafner Clubhouse Collection relic. This is only the second game-used card I've ever pulled (I told you I don't bust many packs), so it was rather exciting!

The final pack of the break was not very noteworthy, but it did contain a Randy Johnson base card, as well as a Manny, so it wasn't a total bust.

Overall, I had a blast opening the second blaster, and only the Goudey break remains, which will probably show up online in another week or two. Once again, if any of the cards piqued anyones interest, please let me know, and I'm sure we can work out a trade!

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