Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cards from a Rickey Collector

Through a purchase that I made on eBay, I recently came into contact with another Rickey collector who'd been out of the hobby for a little while. We've since had a few nice Rickey-related conversations, as it's always fun discussing random errors and variations that only a die hard collector would really enjoy. In the first trade that we completed (another one is in the mail, while more will definitely be forthcoming) I was able to knock off quite a few cards from my want list. These are all "older" cards, that I've been seeking out for quite some time now.

1991 U.S. Playing Cards All-Stars Silver 11H -- I had the 1990 Silver, but was pretty excited to finally track down the 1991!

1995 Blue Jays U.S. Playing Cards 3S & 11H -- These are not the most expensive cards out there, but I just never found them at a reasonable price. Along with the 1991 Silver above, I think I now have all of the Rickey playing cards that have been produced.

1996 Select Certified Certified Blue #70 -- It's always nice to knock a mid-90's parallel off of the want list.

1997 Circa Rave #341 #/150 -- One of Rickey's earliest serial numbered parallels. now I just need to track down the 1996 Rave!

1998 Pacific Invincible Team Checklists #1 -- For some reason, Rickey's actually on the back of this checklist insert.

1998 Ultra Platinum Medallion 431 #/98 -- I didn't think I'd ever get ahold of one of these Platinum parallels. Back before eBay got real big, these were impossible to find, and they are not much easier now.

1999 Paramount Red #150 -- I'm pretty sure all of the Red parallels were retail exclusives, and I'm slowly picking them all up.

2002 Donruss Elite STAR #125 -- Basically a glorified base card.

2002 MLB Showdown #273

2002 MLB Showdown Pennant Run #59

2002 Topps Ten Die Cuts AS APP #115 -- For a fairly low end set, the die-cut parallels are pretty nice looking.

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Hi Brad, is this my buddy Dave? How come you dont chat with me on FCB? Ken