Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sports Impressions Plates

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, I'm going to try to return to at least twice weekly updates if at all possible. Today's posts includes two plates produced by Sports Impressions, which are know for making sports related plates and figurines.

This first plate is full-sized, and titled "Born to Steal." It features a nice collage of Rickey pictures, as well as a great collection of time lapse drawings featuring Rickey stealing a base with his uniform changing over time.

The plate is part of the "Sports Superstar Collector Plate Series," with Rickey being the All-Time Stolen Base Champ. The plate was produced in 1990 and is a limited edition of 1990, with mine being number 705. The drawings were done by Ron Lewis, who is known for these type of collage drawings.

This next Sports Impressions plate is a mini-plate, only about 5" across. Similar to the larger plate, this one is called "Born to Run." I apologize for the bad picture, but the scanner didn't like it, so this is the best I could do.

This small plate was also produced in 1990 and is part of the same collectors series as the larger one, but is not serial numbered. This plate was designed by Terrence Fogarty, but in a similar style to the larger one, and most other Sports Impressions plates.

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Unknown said...

I have the Ricky Henderson "Born to Steal" large plate and is numbered 0852 out of the 1990.I was curious as to the value of this plate.
I also have a Darryl Strawberry large plate by Sports Impressions Superstar Collector Plate Series (Terrence Fogarty) with a plate #924 out of a total 3500.
Last but not least I have a Patrick Ewing large plate by Sports Impressions NBA Superstar Superstar Collector Plate Series, plate numbered #1 out of a total of 1991.
I am curious as to the worth of such items as I hope at some point in time there may be a collector interested in purchasing them and to be honest,at 78 years of age I no longer wish to have them.