Monday, June 2, 2008

Rickey Card List Updated

I was looking at the PDF of my Rickey card list recently, and noticed that somehow the "X's" marking the cards that I had were missing. It seems that in the process of making the PDF something weird happened, and the last column got left off. So, if anyone has accessed the list lately, only to find a long list of cards, the correct version can now be found at the link above.

At the same time, I also noticed that I could update my Priority Want List. It wasn't that I had actually acquired a new card, but only that something that I already had was still listed.

The item in question is this 1991 Starshots Pinback Badge #124. I acquired this button along with a few other non-card items (pins, coins, etc.) in the large oddball lot about a month ago. It was produced by Starshots, Inc. and is an "Official Sports Celebrity Badge." It's basically half button / half card, with the card part able to stand up as a sort of display easel.

If there are any other Rickey collectors (or any collectors that have Rickey cards for that matter) that would like to trade for other Rickey's, please let me know. My want list are both listed above, and along with my Rickey trade list, can be accessed at the top of my blog.

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