Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A's 1989 World Series Champions 20-Year Reunion

Although I won't be able to make it (I've got a pesky final exam tomorrow), before the A's-Giants game tonight, the A's are holding a 20-year anniversary celebration of their 1989 World Series win.

They created a pretty nice looking logo for the occasion, but this was the best quality version that I could find online.

Overall, 11 members of the 1989 A's have confirmed that they are going to attend. The list includes, Lance Blankenship, Mike Gallego, Dave Henderson, Mike Moore, Ken Phelps, Tony Phillips, Dave Stewart, Bob Welch, Curt Young, Matt Young, Rickey Henderson, and Walt Weiss.

Not surprisingly, both McGwire and Canseco are not going to be in attendance. The A's did have a McGwire replica jersey giveaway last night, and it was nice to see that he hasn't been totally forgotten.

Here's the lineup from game one of the series, which stayed consistent through, and when they played in San Francisco, Dave Parker (the DH) sat out, and everyone else just slid up one spot in the order:

Rickey Henderson, LF -- Scheduled to Appear
Carney Lansford, 3B -- Not listed as scheduled to appear, but he will definitely be at the game, as he's the Giants hitting coach!
Jose Canseco, RF -- He obviously won't be in attendance
Dave Parker, DH -- I'm not sure what he's doing now
Dave Henderson, CF -- Scheduled to Appear
Mark McGwire, 1B -- I don't think he's made a public appearance since the hearings
Tery Steinbach, C -- Declined due to prior family obligations
Tony Phillips, 2B -- Scheduled to Appear
Walt Weiss, SS -- Scheduled to Appear
Dave Stewart, P -- Scheduled to Appear

Mike Gallego, the A's current third base coach, came in to play 2B late in the game, shifting Tony Phillips over to third. Mike Moore (also scheduled to appear) started and won both games 2 and 4 of the Series. Rick Honeycutt, who came in to relieve Moore in game two, is also absent, but he's the current Dodgers pitching coach, so has a legitimate excuse.

The pitcher who closed out the game two win, Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley is another prominent name missing from the reunion, but is currently an analyst for the Red Sox, and couldn't get out of his prior commitments. There's also A's manager Tony LaRussa, who as the head coach of the Cardinals, also has other more pressing matters at hand. Finally, another unlisted name, is that of as current GM Billy Beans, who played in 37 games for the A's in 1989, and should also probably be at the ballpark.

Looking at the lineup, I was actually surprised to see that McGwire was batting 6th, as I don't remember him usually batting that low. They were definitely a fun team to watch, with Rickey getting on base, and the rest of the guys hitting him home!


tastelikedirt said...

Isn't it the 20 year reunion?

ManOfSteal said...

I guess I'm just in denial about how long its been since they last won the Series.