Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sacramento Holiday Inn Card Show

I've been to a couple of the large Tri-Star shows in San Francisco over the past couple of years, but I can't remember the last time I went to a smaller local card show. It was probably around 2002 or so, when the local mall used to hold a show every year. I've seen a couple of ads for the shows at the local Holiday Inn (I believe they occur twice a year), but I've never managed to make it out to one. They hold them on Sunday mornings, and for some reason, I never think about it at the time.

But, I am now on their mailing list, and was all set this past weekend to take my 17-month old son to his first every card show. Maybe he was my good luck charm, as the show was definitely a success, and I think I managed to come home with more Rickey's than I did in either of the Tri-Star shows combined, and at really great prices!

2005 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Swatch Single Jumbo Prime Red Mets Jkt/15 # 168

This was the first Rickey card that I saw at the show, and as is usually the case, it was not marked with a price. It's a pretty sweet jacket patch, and I was very interested to hear how much the dealer was looking to get for it. Imagine my surprise when he only wanted $20! For a large swatch on a card numbered to only 15 copies, I think I got a pretty sweet deal.

2005 Leaf Sportscasters 35 Yellow Fielding-Glove #39 #/35
2005 Leaf Sportscasters 65 White Batting-Ball #39 #/65

I also got these two Sportscasters, as well as a YSL that I already had, from the same dealer. It turns out that I actually have the White #/65, so it's up for trade if anyone is interested.

2003 Timeless Treasures Milestone Padres Jsy/100 #3

About two tables down from the dealer above (there were only about 20 dealers in total at the show), I found my second patch card of the trip. I was a little disappointed in that it's an A's picture and a Padres patch, but I liked the design, and at $10, couldn't pass it up!

2003 Upper Deck MVP Celebration MM/1989 #66
2005 Donruss Team Heroes Showdown Blue #326

These are two of the five cards that I got from the final dealer of the day. Rickey has three different cards in the MVP Celebration set, and now I finally have them all. I also didn't realize that there were parallels to the Donruss Team Heroes set, but now I know what to be on the lookout for. It turns out that the Showdown set features red, blue, bronze, silver and gold colored parallels.

2002 Fleer Maximum To the Max/325 #192

Even with the patch cards above, I think this was my favorite card of the show. Any parallel from the early 2000's is pretty hard to come by, and this is one that I hadn't yet been able to track down. Plus, it was in the $1.00 box along with the other Rickey's!

1981 A's Granny Goose #35

Although I have one of these, I couldn't pass up another one. Back in the late 1980's, other than Rickey's rookie, this was THE card to have. You'd see one or two of them at the big card shows, and they'd want upwards of $100 for them. Even now, they sell really well on eBay, and are consistently in the $50-$100 range.


Anonymous said...

What did you pay for the Granny Goose Henderson?

ManOfSteal said...

I think it would have been around $40-$50, if you break down the prices of all of the other cards in the lot. So, I got a pretty good deal, as eBay now would probably be about $75 or so.