Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Rickey Henderson Field" Dedication Hat

Update: I have managed to acquire the remaining inventory of hats from the event. If anyone is interested in purchasing one, please e-mail me through the blog. The hats are $30 each via Paypal, which includes Priority Mail shipping in the U.S.

Back in October 2009, Rickey Henderson's High School Alma mater had a dedication ceremony for the renaming of the school's baseball field to "Rickey Henderson Field." If you attended the ceremony, they had a couple of different merchandise items available for purchase, including yellow and purple baseball hats, a t-shirt and polo shirt, as well as a "program" for the event.

This is the yellow hat that was available, which features an embroidered logo of the sign that now hangs above the backstop on the field. I'll feature the rest of the items in a later post.

The side of the hat includes Rickey's #24, while the back of the hat includes the Oakland Tech (OT) logo, as well as the date of the dedication.

As mentioned above, here's a picture of the sign that now hangs behind home plate, which served as the model for the hat.


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