Saturday, February 5, 2011

Additions for the New Year (and the end of the old one)

I seem to only have time to post cards when I get a bunch of them scanned at once, but I guess that's better than nothing. Here's some of my pick-ups from back in December, as well as some from early January as well. So far late-January and early-February have been epic in terms of finally tracking down a few hard to find 1990's inserts and parallels, and I can't wait for them to finally arrive. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, once I get them all in hand, for a post highlighting my newest additions.


Nathan said...

I love that 2005 Donruss Diamond King card...I think that you may have already posted a couple of versions (or maybe you posted the relic versions)

Actually the 04 DK is very nice as well, but the Dodgers uni takes it down a notch for me

Hendersonfan said...

Are my eyes playing tricks on me or does the 01 Pacific say something diagonally across the front?

ManOfSteal said...

Nope, that's not your eyes. That's the 2001 Hobby Ltd parallel, and it says "Hobby Ltd" in a weird diagonal pattern many times across the front of the card.