Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1998 EnviroMint Bronze Coin

In 1998 EnviroMint (a producer of commemorative coins) released a collection of bronze medallions, featuring 82 of the days current baseball stars. The coins each came in a little black box, and were incased in a plastic coin holder.

The Rickey coin features a close-up of Rickey wearing an A's hat. The A's hat looks nice, but the picture doesn't look anything like Rickey. Under the picture is the limited edition stamp, with my coin being number 65 out of 1,998.

The back of the coin is pretty basic, and I'm assuming it was the same for all coins in the set. It says "Major League Baseball 1998 Season" around the rim, and includes both the American League and National League logos. At the bottom, it states that it is "one of 1,998," and also claims that it is "fine bronze," whatever that may be.

Included in the box was a Certificate of Authenticity, that contained a checklist of the entire set. There are some pretty big names included (Ripken, Gwynn, Boggs) but also some less than Hall of Famer worthy "stars," such as John Jaha, Pat Hentgen, and Henry Rodriguez (who?).

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