Thursday, February 21, 2008

TV Sports Mailbag 8X10 Photos

TV Sports Mailbag of Yorktown Heights, NY produced a serious of collectible photos in 1989 and 1990. These 8X10 photos are on cardboard-type stock with a glossy front.

The 1989 photo features Rickey in a Yankees jersey, and is number 83 in the set. He sure is sporting some trendy shades!

By 1990, Rickey had been traded back to the A's, and is shown in a more typical batting pose, on card number 90 in the set. For some reason, this picture seems like it could be from the late 1990's, while the first picture is definitely from the 80's!

On a more personal note, I'm really excited about this weekend, as I'm going to go to my first big card show in over 10 years! Tristar is having their annual show in San Francisco, and I hope to come back with a few good additions to my collection. If I do find anything good, it'll definitely make it's way on to the blog.

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