Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cadaco Discs

There have been quite a few baseball games in the past that have included cards of the individual players. Most of these statistics based games, such as Statis Pro, Strat-o-Matic, and Replay Games, had cards with just the players name, and a bunch of "random" numbers. The Cadaco game discs started out the same way, but in 1989 they started putting the players pictures on the discs, which made them much more interesting.

This first disc is what the Cadaco discs used to look like, with the players name and position on the front, and the game related numbered section around the rim. These discs were blank-backed, and I was told that this was the 1984 version, which I don't really have a way of verifying. I've already shared my disdain about Rickey's name spelled "Ricky," but I think this is the only card I have where it's spelled "Rickie." I actually find that to be quite amusing for some reason.

This next disc is the 1989 version, the first year that Cadaco started putting the players pictures on the cards. The cards are also no longer blank-backed, and do contain the typical stats and biographical information. Although the copyright on the front of this card says 1988, the stats on the back include 1988, which would make this the 1989 version.

Speaking of the back of the discs, there are actually two different variations to this disc. The one on the left is the initial version, which contains the team name and league underneath the player's name. Subsequent releases of the 1989 set omitted this information, which was also omitted in later years. My guess is it had something to do with a licensing issue with Major League Baseball.

Unlike the previous years release, the 1990 Cadaco discs copyright on the front actually corresponds to the stats on the back. Rickey was traded to the A's in 1990, hence the new "A's" (at least, that's the color jersey and hat he's wearing) picture on the front of the disc.

The 1991 discs features the same picture as the 1991 version. The only difference being the copyright on the front, and the new year of stats on the back.

According to Beckett, there's also a 1993 Rickey Henderson Cadaco disc, which I don't yet have. But, if anyone out there does, I'd love to get a hold of one.

As far as Beckett is concerned, they only recognize the 1989 version, the 1991 version, and the 1993 version. I can understand why the earlier years weren't included, as the player's pictures really make them a "card." I can also understand why they would leave out the 1989 variation, but it really doesn't make sense that the 1990 version isn't included. There's no point in trying to make sense of it, however, as they leave out a lot of Rickey cards that I think should be on their checklist.

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