Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hall of Fame Golf Tournament Videos

A couple of days ago I posted photos from the Hall of Fame golf tournament, I have since cropped those photos, and updated the post, which I think makes them look a lot better than they did. If you checked them out before, I would definitely suggest revisiting the link, as know you can actually tell who the players are. I also figured out the computer issues that I had with the videos that I took, and I've included some of them below.

Lou Brock describes the "baserunning arrogance" that all runners must have, and also talks about his opinion of Rickey's now famous "I am the greatest" speech.

Ozzie Smith discusses his thoughts on Rickey's upcoming induction speech, as well as his impact on the game of baseball.

Gary Carter discusses Rickey as a basestealer, and how he was able to read pitchers the way that he did.

Dave Winfield talks about Rickey Henderson as a ballplayer.

Paul Molitor describes his views on Rickey before playing with him, and how they changed when he was a teammate on the 1993 World Champion Blue Jays.

Carlton Fisk describes how distracting Rickey was on the base paths, as well as how he felt once Rickey got on base.

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