Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rickey Henderson Articles

As would be expected, there have been quite a few articles written on Rickey lately, and I've included links to some of the most interesting ones here. I'm putting this list together as I sit in the Sacramento airport, waiting for my plane to arrive to take me to New York (which is unfortunately almost an hour late).

Rickey Henderson is His Mother's Pride and Joy - Rickey Henderson's mother Bobbie had always wanted a girl, and even though she had Rickey, she couldn't be happier.

Baseball's Haul of Fame - Although Rickey's legacy had already been forged, there are quite a few less famous Hall of Famers (Goose Gossage, Gary Carter, Ryne Sandberg, etc.) who have benefited greatly (ie financially) as a result of their inductions into the Hall.

Rickey to be Rickey at Hall Induction - recently interviewed Rickey about his induction speech, which is arguably the most anticipated induction speech ever.

Henderson's '#1 Fan' Hallbound - No, this article isn't about me, but a 25-year-old named Erin who was known to bring different signs to the Oakland Coliseum in the hopes of catching Rickey's attention, which she was very successful at doing.

I'll post more Rickey articles as I run across them. There's plenty of articles chronicling his career and his Hall of Fame induction, but I'll try and link to some of the ones that are more interesting and unique.

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USA Today has a nice article: Great blog thanks for all the Rickey info.