Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rickey and "The Batting Stance Guy"

I hadn't heard of "The Batting Stance Guy" until this morning, but he's surprisingly accurate. He was on Letterman last night, and supposedly can imitate any stance in baseball history.

On Letterman, he started out with impressions of Manny, Big Papi, and Cal Ripken, and then moves on to Rickey. The Rickey portion begins at approximately the 5 minute, 30 second mark of the clip. Enjoy!


night owl said...

I missed him on Letterman?!!! He's great.

Thanks for the video.

ManOfSteal said...

I actually missed him on Letterman too, but saw a link to the clip this morning. it's pretty impressive how many stances he's able to remember.

rickey939 said...

I've watched all his video's on his site, very impressive. I've never really heard him talk before though, and was stunned by his overall personality and sense of humor....VERY funny in my opinion.

funksteady said...

This guy's hilarious, I had never heard of him before, thanx for posting MOS.