Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hall of Fame Weekend: Media Credential!

As some of you have already figured out (based on the access I had for some of the photographs), I was able to secure a media credential for the entire Hall of Fame induction weekend. I didn't want to say anything on the site before as I was afraid that I'd jinx myself, and somehow get my credential revoked. I was working as a freelance photography for my hometown newspaper, which gave me access to a lot more of the events than if I was just a regular visitor.

The credential above was my access pass to the front of all of the events, all of the press conferences, and even the golf tournament, which wasn't actually open to the public. It's definitely my favorite souvenir from the trip.

When checking in to the media center to pick up my credential, they also gave us a little bag of "goodies." It included a zippered Hall of Fame bag, a notebook, and a ticket to the induction ceremony, all of which featured Rickey and the 2009 Hall of Fame induction logo.

I also got a press pin, which is another really cool item that was not available for purchase. It's a fairly large, two-layered pin which will look great next to the pins that I'd already bought at the shop.

Next to the credential, this rectangular piece of paper was the most important item of the trip. This was the parking pass which allowed you into the media parking lot, and access to the special shuttles that they had running for the weekend. There's very limited parking in Cooperstown, and without this pass I would have spent a lot more time looking for parking, and riding around on the larger shuttle system run by the village (despite its name, it's technically the Village of Cooperstown).

This was taken from the inside of the media shuttle, as I passed by the Clark Sports Center (where the ceremony was being held), on the morning of the induction. I was actually headed to the Hall of Fame at the time, but there were already plenty of people staking out their seats for the ceremony to be held later on that day.

This sign was lying against the wall of the media center all weekend. Every time I passed by it I thought how cool it would be hanging up in my garage back home. But, they probably would have missed it if it was gone, and it definitely wouldn't fit in my carry-on bag.

The above picture was taken during the Saturday press conference the day before the ceremony, and was actually used in the sports page of my hometown paper.

This was the picture that was used on Monday, which was taken after the induction ceremony was over. This one actually made the front of the sports page, and was in color!


night owl said...

That's cool. Glad you were able to find a way to get access!

Steve said...

Very cool!