Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hall of Fame Golf Tournament Pictures

On of the most interesting events of the weekend was the Hall of Fame golf tournament, held on Saturday morning at the Leathersocking Golf Course in Cooperstown. The event wasn't open to the public, but I was able to get in and take pictures.

Rickey doesn't golf, so he wasn't participating, but Jim Rice was there, as was everyone from Reggie Jackson to Ozzie Smith.

Reggie Jackson - He wasn't too talkative, and I'll just leave it at that.

Lou Brock - He was a lot of fun, really interacting with everyone. Someone asked him about what he thought of Rickey breaking his stolen base record, and he responded, "Rickey Who?"

Jim Rice - He was in a pretty good mood, as you would expect him to be.

Frank Robinson - Seems like a pretty fun guy.

Ozzie Smith - Very pleasant to everyone.

Gary Carter - Talked a lot about playing against Rice and Rickey.

I wonder if Boggs had this made, or if the Hall gave it to him as a gift?

Wade Boggs - Very energetic and outgoing. Stopped for quite a while to sign autographs for the few people that lived along the course.

Goose Gossage - Last year's lone inductee, who I somehow missed teeing off.

Dave Winfield's checking out one of the two cars that could be won with a hole-in-one.

Dave Winfield - Here's one of Winfield in action. He was also very friendly and outgoing.

Paul Molitor - A pretty quiet guy, but along with Boggs, he was one of the few to stop for autographs with the fans.

Mike Schmidt - I managed to catch him teeing off, but that was about it.

Here's another shot of Ozzie because I just like the picture.

Rollie Fingers - His mustache is an easy giveaway, but I figured I should label the picture anyway. Rollie didn't seem to be a big fan of Charlie Finley, and expressed some regret that his trade from the A's to the Red Sox was never finalized.


robe024 said...

It looks awesome there. I don't golf, but I gotta say that some of the courses are just amazing to look at. Great pics. Too bad Rickey don't golf!

Keep up the great job there!

TikiBird said...

These are amazing photos! It's so great that now you can have a personal opinion of these baseball legends.

I was wondering, did the players seem competitive with each other in the tournament, or were they just out to have a good time? I would think it might be hard not to be competitive. Then again, it's probably not like any of those guys really NEEDS to win a car! Although it would make for a pretty big trophy.

funksteady said...

Hey MOS, thanks for sharing all that. Too bad Reggie hasn't changed, I see he still doesn't like to share much outside of the spotlight. Seems kinda sad.
I'm surprised to learn that Fingers didn't like Finley and wanted to be traded. Somehow I thought the two were meant for each other.

ManOfSteal said...

The players did actually seems failry competitive. They were having a good time, but also seemed to be concentrating on the game. I don't think anyone won a card, or I probably would have heard about it, but that would have made a pretty good story.