Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 Razor Sports Icons Auto

The first Rickey card produced by Razor (at least the first that I know of) surfaced on eBay, and sold for over $300!

The card is part of Razor 2009 Sports Icons Auto Update set, the complete checklist of which can be found here.

Razor is currently not the biggest player in the card market, but they are at least still making cards, which is more than can be said about a lot of other companies. All of Razor's releases feature cut signatures, and some are obviously better looking than others.

Tri-Star has also produced similar cut signature sets, with this "interesting" (sorry Ken) looking Rickey included in their 2008 Signa-Cuts Baseball Edition set.

I haven't seen them for sale yet, but Rickey also has cut signature cards in 2008 Tri-Star Signa-Cuts Baseball Edition series 2 and 2009 Tri-Star Signa-Cuts Bronx Edition.


funksteady said...

Hey MOS!

Nice to see you keeping up the good work.

Have you seen that great docu on Rickey's career,'Rickey Henderson Leadoff Legend'?

I was thinking that you probably had but just in case you or somebody else following the blog haven't or wanted to see it again it's on youtube;

Must see! I've downloaded it and enjoy watching it over and over.

Rickey was just so unique and such a spectacular entertainer that I find baseball kind of boring since he retired. I miss him so bad!

benben said...

lol. baseball *is* kind of boring since he left. but that's a great link...thanks funksteady.

ManOfSteal said...

Thanks for the link! I don't get the MLB Network, so I couldn't watch the special, and I keep forgetting to check if it eventually made it on to YouTube.

funksteady said...

Welcome guys, happy you could watch it too. All we got left now are the memories.
There will never be another Rickey Henderson, not even close.

Keiv said...

Anyone have a copy of the documentary they can share?