Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pocket Schedules of Rickey's Teams

Below is a list of all of the teams that Rickey has played for during his career, including Major Leagues, Minor Leagues, and even Independent teams. I'd like to collect at least one schedule from every one of these teams, during the years that Rickey played for them. If you know of a team that I'm missing, please let me know. I've purposely excluded all of his years with the A's, as those schedules can be found here.

1976 Boise A's (Northwest League)
1977 Modesto A's (California League)
1978 Jersey City A's (Eastern League)
1979 Ogden A's (Pacific Coast League)
1978-79 Navojoa Mayos (Mexican Pacific League)
1980 Puerto Rican Professional Baseball League
1985-89 New York Yankees
1985 Ft. Lauderdale Yankees (Florida State League)
1993 Toronto Blue Jays
1996 San Diego Padres
1997 Anaheim Angels
1997 San Diego Padres
1999-00 New York Mets
2000 Seattle Mariners
2001 Portland Beavers
2001 San Diego Padres
2002 Boston Red Sox
2003 Newark Bears (Atlantic League -- Independent)
2003 Los Angeles Dodgers
2004 Newark Bears (Atlantic League -- Independent)
2005 San Diego Surf Dawgs (Golden Baseball League -- Independent)

I'd be interested in working with anyone that wanted to trade/sell for other pocket schedules, or even cards of their favorite team. Just e-mail me and let me know what you have, and if I need the schedules, I'm sure we can figure something out!


jauzins said...

Didn't Rickey start on the DL and then go to the minors at the beginning of the 1985 season? If I remember correctly it was the Ft Lauderdale Yankees. My favorite stat of Rickey's is his 146 runs in only 143 games in 1985. I believe that most of those missed games were at the beginning of the season when he was down at the AA Yankees club rehabbing from an injury.

ManOfSteal said...

Thanks for the comment! I'd totally forgotten that he started the 1985 season on the DL, and then went on a rehab assignment. The list has now been updated to include the Ft. Lauderdale Yankees.