Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Topps Triple Headers Ball

Here's another oddball Rickey non-card item produced by Topps. It's a 1992 Triple Headers plastic baseball, about the size of a ping-pong ball, complete with a 16-year-old bag of hard candies. The set contained 26 different balls, one for each AL and NL team, with the A's ball #11 of 14 in the AL set.

It seems to be a follow-up to the 1991 SuperStar Stand-Ups set, with one small difference. Unlike the Stand-Ups, which had a sliding door to access the candy, these balls are solid and have no openings. Topps basically just decided to add a bag of candy to the box.

The ball itself includes pictures of Rickey Henderson, Dave Henderson, and Jose Canseco, along with facsimile signatures. It's interesting to note that the A's ball shown on the box must have been a preproduction mock-up, as it's different from the one actually produced. On the real ball, the photos of Canseco and Hendu have been flipped, and Rickey's signature has been lowered. Also included in the box was an ad for a subscription to Topps magazine featuring Rickey on the cover (which will be looked at in more detail at a later date).

This last picture is for Mario over at Wax Heaven. Enjoy the disembodied Canseco head!


Wax Heaven said...

...wow. I don't think I'd even want one of those but pretty awesome find. Keep the Rickey stuff coming!

ManOfSteal said...

Well, if you change your mind, I do actually have an extra, complete with box and yummy candy!