Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Want List: 1977-2007

Although I have posted a complete Rickey checklist, with all the cards that I have and do not have included, I thought it would make it easier for trades to create a list containing the "priorities" on my want list.

This list includes all of the Rickey cards that I need from 1977-1999, as well as all of the base cards and inserts (excluding most game-used, autographs and parallels) from 2000-2007. I'm still interested in cards from after this period, but these are my top priority, as due to the lack of extremely limited inserts and parallels, I actually have a chance of completing this list.


Modesto A's Chong 5




Topps Blackless 610










Sports Illustrated/Marketcom Stickers * 7




Topps Doubleheaders Mets/Yankees Test 16




Topps Gallery of Champions Bronze 7
Topps Gallery of Champions Silver 7


M.V.P. Pins 24


Finest Refractors AS 86






Leaf Preferred Steel Gold Promos 57
Pinnacle Aficionado First Pitch Preview 36
Select Certified Mirror Blue 70
Select Certified Mirror Gold 70
Select Certified Mirror Red 70
Studio Silver Press Proofs 149


Donruss Limited Fabric of the Game L 4
E-X2000 Essential Credentials 94
Fleer Million Dollar Moments Redemption 24
Fleer Tiffany 464
Pinnacle Certified Mirror Black 76
Pinnacle Inside Diamond Edition 51
Pinnacle Press Plate Previews 104
Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Gold 76
Ultra Platinum Medallion 285


Circa Thunder Super Rave 87
Donruss Collections Samples 118
Donruss Prized Collections Preferred GS 595
Fleer Tradition Vintage '63 Classic 110
Leaf Fractal Diamond Axis 34
Leaf Fractal Materials Z2 Axis N 34
Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity 24
Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity Holographic 24
Pacific Online Winners 533
Pacific Platinum Blue 9
Paramount Holographic Silver 80
Pinnacle Inside Stand-Up Guys Samples R.Hend/Molitor/Ryno/Murray 21AB
Pinnacle Inside Stand-Up Guys Samples Molitor/Ryno/Murray/R.Hend 21CD
Revolution Shadow Series 107
Sports Illustrated Extra Edition 57
Sports Illustrated First Edition 57
Sports Illustrated World Series Fever First Edition COV 14
Stadium Club First Day Issue TR 386
Stadium Club One Of A Kind TR 386
Stadium Club Printing Plates TR 386
Studio Gold Press Proofs 187
Studio Media Test Issue 187
Ultra Masterpiece 431


Aurora Opening Day 119
Aurora Players Choice R.Henderson/108 119
Bowman Chrome Gold 223
Bowman Chrome Gold Refractors 223
Bowman Gold 223
Crown Royale Opening Day 91
E-X Century Essential Credentials Future 83
E-X Century Essential Credentials Now 83
Finest Gold Refractors 159
Fleer Mystique Masterpiece 52
Fleer Tradition Starting 9 133
Metal Universe Gem Masters 122
Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems 122
Mets Postcards 8
Pacific Crown Collection Red 204
Pacific Invincible Opening Day 95
Pacific Invincible Platinum Blue 95
Pacific Omega Copper 153
Pacific Omega Gold 153
Pacific Omega Platinum Blue 153
Pacific Omega Premiere Date 153
Pacific Platinum Blue 312
Pacific Prism Holographic Mirror 106
Pacific Prism Holographic Purple 106
Pacific Prism Red 106
Pacific Red 312
Paramount Copper 150
Paramount Gold 150
Paramount Holo-Gold 150
Paramount Holo-Silver 150
Paramount Platinum Blue 150
Revolution Premiere Date 89
Revolution Red 89
Revolution Shadow Series 89
SkyBox Premium Star Rubies 182
SkyBox Thunder Rave 143
SkyBox Thunder Super Rave 143
SP Signature Autographs Gold NO AU RHE
Stadium Club Printing Plates 79
Topps MVP Promotion 277
Topps Stars Foil 146
Ultimate Victory Parallel 1 of 1 69
Ultra Masterpiece 170
Ultra Masterpiece SC 223
Ultra Platinum Medallion 170
Upper Deck 10th Anniversary Team Home Run X19
Upper Deck 10th Anniversary Team Triple X19
Upper Deck Century Legends Century Collection 100
Upper Deck Century Legends MVPs C59
Upper Deck Exclusives Level 1 165
Upper Deck Exclusives Level 2 165
Upper Deck Exclusives Level 2 426
Upper Deck MVP Super Script 131



MLB Showdown Unlimited 390
Padres Postcards 13
Topps Employee 105
Topps Employee GM 787


Donruss Fan Club Die-Cuts 68
Donruss Fan Club Records Runs R4
Topps Home Team Advantage HL 333
Topps Home Team Advantage HL 335


Absolute Memorabilia Portraits Promos 13
Newark Bears Choice 13
Topps Gallery Heritage RH


Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Blue A's 121
Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Blue Padres 122
Donruss Classics Legendary Hats Yanks 13
Donruss Classics Legendary Hats A's 42
Donruss Classics Legendary Hats Angels 60
Donruss Classics Legendary Jackets Yanks 13
Donruss Classics Legendary Jackets A's 42
Donruss Classics Legendary Jackets Angels 60
Donruss Classics Legendary Leather Yanks 13
Donruss Classics Legendary Leather A's 42
Donruss Classics Legendary Leather Angels 60
Donruss Classics Legendary Pants A's 42
Donruss Classics Legendary Pants Angels 60
Donruss Classics Legendary Spikes Yanks 13
Donruss Classics Legendary Spikes A's 42
Donruss Classics Legendary Spikes Angels 60
Donruss Estrellas 84
Leaf Certified Materials LGD 222
Leaf Limited Team Trademarks 16
Prime Cuts II MLB Icons Mets 56
Prime Cuts II MLB Icons Yanks 70
Prime Cuts II MLB Icons Padres 85
Prime Cuts II Timeline 78


Absolute Memorabilia Team Quads New York Mets 56
Absolute Memorabilia Team Six Seattle Mariners 11
Absolute Memorabilia Team Six New York Mets 14
Absolute Memorabilia Team Six Anaheim Angels 16
Absolute Memorabilia Team Six Boston Red Sox 22
Absolute Memorabilia Team Six Los Angeles Dodgers 39
Absolute Memorabilia Team Six Los Angeles Dodgers 40
Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Red Mets 54
Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Red A's 169
Donruss Signature 99
Leaf Limited LGD 153
Leaf Limited Legends M's 47
Leaf Limited Legends Mets 48
Leaf Limited Lumberjacks 32
Leaf Limited Team Trademarks 19




Anonymous said...

hi there, i am a rickey collector also and have similar card lists. here is my address if you are interested in trading or something. rjkovicak@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am not a collector but have inherited 400 + boxes of misc cards, I do have one box dedicated to Rickey Henderson, let me know what you are interested in and we can talk. TS simmsfab4@msn.com

Bay Rat North West said...

I fond an auction on the bay for the 1992 NewSport. I bought the Larkin one.


Don't now if you use ebay or not but thought I would let you know.


Anonymous said...

I have an uncut set (in a hard plastic display case) of Oakland Athletics cards from Mother's Cookies in 1993 which includes Rickey Henderson, Mark McGuire & the like. Please let me know if anyone is interested in acquiring this set.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you have/would be interested in... but I am a huge Henderson fan as well and have a 1982 Topps, tri-card uncut sheet of the Angels/A's/Reds checklists with the batting and pitching leaders on the front. Frm left to right the players are Carew/Forsch/Henderson/McCatty/ Griffey/Seaver... mint condition, I'm also in the process of checking my collection of some of your wants... you've def got me beat tho...

Anonymous said...

After going through my few hundred Rickey Henderson cards I was baffled to see that you easily matched and dwarfed my collection. One card that I stumbled across that I didn't recognize was a 1988 Leaf Inc. Fold Out/Pop-up Figure of Henderson on the Yankees listed as an All-Star CF. The picture on the front is him at bat and the back has the 1988 All-Star Game Logo. Let me know, even if you have it, I have no idea where it came from, thanks...ucf1gk@aol.com

Anonymous said...

I have the the 1993 Jumbo Henderson refractor. Contact me if you are interested in talking.


Anonymous said...

Howdy manofsteal! I, too, am an avid RH collector. I have a pretty crazy spreadsheet with all the cards I have, and all those I am still missing (from 1977 - 2004 I show about 2,000 cards on his checklist), although I really don't keep track of most cards issued after 2001...I think we should share notes/lists to see what other "oddball" Henderson's exist (and to see if we could exchange some duplicates). I do have his 1977 Chong Modesto A's card, but, it most certainly isn't for sale. Definitely shoot me an e-mail at derekgranger@hotmail.com to exchange some possible trade opportunities and to compare checklists.

Cheers, ~DG

Todd said...

Dont Know if this blog posting site is actually current and up to date, (post are old).
Here goes, I'm looking for information on a Oakland A's 1981 game issued Post card of Rickey Henderson.
Has a black & white photo of Rickey with player name and number, also with Oakland A's on front, back is blank, post card is of white card stock, measure 8x4
I also have 5 other Oakland A's player post cards.
I have looked everywhere for the last 4 years and cant find info of these post cards.
When I purchased in 1992, was told that they were indeed Game issued post cards, purchased from a reputable sports card dealer in citrus heights California.
Any information is Appreciated, I have had these for years now and would like to obtain a value to sell, and to a person who will appreciate them as i did, time to let go.
Rickey is still my all time favorite baseball player ever.

Todd said...

Dont seem that anyone is using this blog any longer

Unknown said...

Hey I came across a collection of cards after a passing in the family. I have a referenced your site a few times for items on the collections, but there are a few that I can't date. Can you please email me and I can send you some pictures. Possible might be some cards you're looking for. Chrisg.solutionreno@gmail.com

Richard said...

Did you ever get a response on your rickey henderson cards if not shoot some pics my way and i can try to help