Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yankees TCMA Postcards

Continuing on with the items I got from the TriStar show (only one more post left after this), are these pair of postcards from the 1985 and 1986 Yankees TCMA sets.

The postcard on the left is from the 1985 set, and is number 35 in the collection (numbered NYY85-35 below the place for the stamp). The 1986 postcard on the right is number 33 in the set.

The 1986 postcard is shown on the top, while the 1985 postcard is on the bottom of the above scan. I was actually pretty excited that I was able to cross these off of my checklist, as I don't have too many cards from the 1980's that I still need, and I love it when I get to check of some of the few that are remaining. I knew that they existed (thanks to Beckett's checklist), but being on the West Coast, I'd never actually seen any in person.

I came across a dealer with a binder full of Yankees postcards, priced at $0.50 each or 3/$1.00. Even though I'd never seen them before, I knew right away that they must be the TCMA postcards. But, based on past experience, when a dealer has a set of old oddball cards, 99% of the time the stars (i.e. Rickey) have already been picked through, leaving only the commons behind. But, much to my amazement, there was the Rickey in the 1985 set, and the 1986 postcard was only a few pages later.

Even more amazing, was that since the cards were 3/$1.00, I could now get something else for free! It's the little things in life that really make you happy. So, I found this 1991 King B disc, which I added to my pile. I already have one, but you can't pass up free cards.

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