Saturday, January 10, 2009

Anyone with the MLB Network: I Need Your Help!

As with most baseball fans, I was looking forward to the premiere of the MLB Network last week. Until I found out that it was partially owned by DirectTV, meaning customers of Dish Network (my satellite provider), would be some of the few people not able to watch the channel. I've filled out the form on their website to request it be added, but I'm not holding my breath.

I found out through a Google Alert this morning that the channel will be showing Rickey-related programming this weekend, through the Hall of Fame announcement on Monday, and I just have to see it. I've included a list below of the games/programs that will be on. If anyone can tape all these for me, and burn them to a DVD(s), I would really appreciate it!

Sunday, January 11

1:00pm EST: 1989 ALCS Game 2 -- Toronto @ Oakland Featuring Rickey Henderson Stealing Four Bases (replayed again at 12:00am)

4:30pm EST: 1989 ALCS Game 4 -- Toronto @ Oakland Featuring Rickey Henderson Hitting Two Home Runs (replayed Monday at 3:00pm EST)

Monday, January 12

2:ooPM EST: MLB Network Special (Live) -- Hall of Fame Election

8:00PM EST: Prime 9 -- A Countdown Show Featuring the All-Time Top 9 Characters of the Game (not sure if Rickey will be included, but there's a chance he may be)

9:00PM EST: MLB Network Special -- Hall of Fame - Class of '09

If anyone can tape these, please send me an e-mail to let me know. Thanks in advance for everyones help!


Anonymous said...

I just called Comcast to get this added to my lineup and was told it's not in my area yet! Ugh. Not in Chicago? Are you kidding me? Insane.

Oh well. I want a copy as well if you get them! Sounds just awesome.

Nachos Grande said...

I talked to my Comcast representative as well. He told me that it wouldn't be available until "closer to baseball season, probably March."

The whole point of wanting it now (for me) was to have baseball programming when it WASN'T baseball season. Comcast annoys me.

dayf said...

I got MLB netwrok, and I can tape it, but I can't burn it. I'll send you a tape if you want me to tape it for you.

dayf said...

I got the A's/Jays game, the announcement ceremony and the inductee recap on tape. Send me your addy and I'll try to get it out this week.