Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rickey Henderson on Late Show with David Letterman

Although I didn't find out about it until this morning, Rickey and Jim Rice presented the Top 10 List on David Letterman last night, "Top Ten Highlights Of My Hall of Fame Baseball Career."

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet (and the CBS YouTube site), I was able to watch the clip online, which I've included below. Surprisingly, I think this is the first video I've ever attempted to include in the blog, so I hope it works.

For those of you without video access, here's a rundown of the list:

Top Ten Highlights Of My Hall of Fame Baseball Career presented by Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson

10. "Winning the MVP in 1978, and a Tony in 1983"(Jim Rice)
9. "I designed the first vibrating jockstrap"(Rickey Henderson)
8. "During the 1981 season I lost my glove and played an entire west coast trip using a small box"(Jim Rice)
7. "All the free gum"(Rickey Henderson)
6. "I caught a squirrel in the outfield and the umps let me eat it"(Jim Rice)
5. "Being a Met, a Blue Jay, a Padre, a Dodger...Hell, even I can't remember all the teams I played for"(Rickey Henderson)
4. "Before every game, I ate the same meal: pancakes smothered in pine tar"(Jim Rice)
3. "Sleeping with Madonna"(Rickey Henderson)
2. "Sleeping with Madonna"(Jim Rice)
1. "I played with Jose Canseco and never got to inject anything in his ass"(Rickey Henderson)

It was definitely not the funniest Top 10 list ever, but it was nice to see Rickey enjoying himself. It actually seemed like he was a little shy about being up there, which is not something you hear being said about Rickey very often (if ever).

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