Saturday, January 3, 2009

2003 Topps Tribute Milestone Bats

As anyone who buys cards on eBay knows, it's often the price of shipping that turns a good deal into a bad one. As a result, buying cards in "lots" is always the way to go. But, it's not often that I run across anyone selling more than one game-used Rickey card in a single auction, and when I do, there's a good chance that I already have one or more of them.

What a nice surprise it was when I ran across this auction for five Topps Tribute cards, all of which I needed. They were being offered at a very reasonable Buy It Now price, and I wasted no time in snapping them up. The full name of this insert set is 2003 Topps Tribute Contemporary Milestone Materials Relics, which is quite a mouthful. This is the full set of five Milestone Materials bat relics, each celebrating a different milestone in Rickey's career (there is a jersey relic as well), so it was not to get them all at once.

MIM-RH1 -- 1,000 Career RBI's

MIM-RH2 -- 1,400 Career Stolen Bases

MIM-RH3 -- 2,000 Career Runs

MIM-RH4 -- 3,000 Career Hits

MIM-RH5 -- 500 Career Doubles

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