Friday, February 27, 2009

The Truth Behind a Few Rickeyisms

While at ESPN the Weekend in Walt Disney World this past week, Rickey did an interview in which he was asked about the truth behind some of the things he "supposedly" said or did. Just like Yogi Berra, he did say a lot of "interesting" things, but the stories that evolve are not always very close to the truth.

There a list floating around that collects the 25 best Rickey stories, a copy of which can be found here. It's from this list that I believe the interviewers are reading. I'm just happy to learn that one of my favorite Rickey stories (that he framed a $1 million bonus check from the A's, without ever cashing it) was in fact true.

I believe this is only a portion of a larger interview, but it's still fun nonetheless. Enjoy!


Ross said...

GREAT STUFF! I love the bonus check story.

Anonymous said...

some incredible stories in that article. the story about framing the check reminds me of a story i heard about manny ramirez. one time a teammate opened his locker by accident and out spilled a pile of checks. apparently ramirez had just been throwing his monthly check in his locker for almost an entire season. haha, the man just didn't care.

funksteady said...

Fabulous! Just love Rickey, the man's as real as you'll ever find. He's got a great laughter! Thanx for posting!